Bring Your A Game racks up points

Bring Your A Game members from left are Peter Kane, Stan Dawson, Mikee Baublitz, Captain Buddy Medlin, Jake Jett and Allyn Gemerek. Charlie Pruett and Kenny Conrad also are members.

 Bring Your A Game claimed the American Poolplayers Association’s (APA) “Total Point Winners” status for 8-ball league play for the recent 15-match fall session at KC’s Crabs & Cues.

Of the seven teams vying for first place, Captain Buddy Medlin’s Bring Your A Game finished first and was undefeated with only two ties, reported Peter Kane. Members of the team include Medlin, Jake Jett, Allyn Gemerek, Charlie Pruett, Mikee Baublitz, Kenny Conrad, Stan Dawson and Kane.

Bring Your A Game will advance to…