Caps, gowns, awards and 103 diplomas mark NHS graduation

Northumberland High School on June 9 graduated 103 seniors. From left, emergency medical technician instructor Sandi Smith recognizes Lauren Suchan, Katelyn Ward and Abigail Kiss for completing the national emergency medical technician certification. Photo by Madison White Franks

by Madison White Franks

With celebratory dances and smiles, 103 students received their diplomas Saturday during the Northumberland High School 2018 graduation.

The school’s auditorium and gymnasium were full of excited family and friends proud of the graduates.

“Here we are graduating, finally it’s our turn. Class of 2018, we had the top 20% of the class with a 4.0 or over and 50% of us were athletes. We were overachievers, but keep being one. You will not get anywhere in life conforming to the crowd around you and settling on less. You have the power to be anything you want, anything you can dream of. I hope you never let anyone tell you less,” said student class president Lauren Suchan.

“Who do you think you are? From now on you have the power to write your story, so what will you create? I challenge you to create a best seller in life for yourself,” she added.

“I am incredibly honored and proud to be standing in the same place my sister stood last year when she gave her own salutatorian speech,” said salutatorian Khadijah Bea.

“Life is all about making mistakes, learning from them and finding your own way. No matter how many times you have to revert to plan B. Be kind and have fun with it,” she said…