Capt. Billy Pipkin’s Fishing Line

by Capt. Billy Pipkin

Cool water equals hot fishing

The hot summer finally yielded, as wind, rain and cooler temperatures welcomed us to the fall. We can look forward to an action packed season of trout, redfish and rock. The best action will be in-shore during October and early November, with the most diversity coming in the early period.

Speckled trout are the most targeted species. They are primarily found in shallow water, particularly around marshes, areas of hard bottom with grassy flats and other areas boasting natural structure. Most anglers prefer to cast artificial lures like small jig heads with soft baits, shallow running plugs and poppers.

I prefer using lures with single hooks. It reduces mortality when releasing undersized fish. My fly fishing clients like to use clouser minnows but flies resembling shrimp also work well.

It’s amazing how popular the in-shore fishery has become. As well as my big water charters, I have a large light tackle clientele that charter with me on my smaller boats. With miles of shoreline holding a favorable environment for fish to frequent, options are endless.

Kayaks and canoes are ideal for those wanting to fish solo in a natural environment along the shorelines.

Red drum, also known as puppy drum or redfish, continue their fall run throughout October. These fish tend to school with the trout….