‘Car stories’ wanted

What type of movie would your favorite vehicle be in . . . drama, thriller, suspense, comedy, horror?

Tell us all about the favorite vehicle you owned. You may include a photo.

Share your vehicle story with us and it might appear in our Wings, Wheels & Keels section in the September 28 Rappahannock Record and Southside Sentinel.

How long did you own it? Or, did it own you?

How many miles?

Why did you buy it?

Did it live up to your expectations?

How old were you when you had it?

How well did it run?

Was it cheap to maintain?

How much did you work on it?

Why did you sell it?

What would you have done differently?

Submit stories by September 17 to Tom Chillemi at tchillemi@ssentinel.com, or Southside Sentinel, PO Box 549, Urbanna, VA 23175.