Chapman indicted on first and second degree murder charges

Megan Schiffres

by Megan Schiffres

LANCASTER—A Lancaster County grand jury on July 24 returned four true bills in the case of Matthew S. Chapman of White Stone, who was indicted on felony charges related to the March 18 shooting death of John Carter Gordon.

Chapman was originally charged with two felonies including first degree murder and use of a firearm to commit a felony, in addition to a misdemeanor charge for malicious wounding. The misdemeanor charge against him was dismissed by the prosecution, and the first degree murder charge was downgraded to second degree murder when his case was certified by the Lancaster County General District Court.

In addition to second degree murder and the use of a firearm to commit a felony, during the grand jury proceeding last Friday Chapman was indicted on two more felony charges for first degree murder and shooting, stabbing, or wounding in the commission of a felony.

A jury trial in Chapman’s case is set for…[to-view-more]