Christchurch School presents fall awards

From left are Charlie Li, Nash Carrington, Boyd Bragg, Joseph Humphreys and Jaylyn Kreimes.

Christchurch School recently presented fall awards, reported Jennifer Homer. Five local athletes were recognized.

Charlie Li, the son of Wen Li and Fiona Chao of White Stone, received the junior varsity sailing coach’s award.

Nash Carrington, the son of Taz and Johanna Carrington of White Stone received the varsity soccer hustle award.

Boyd Bragg, the son of Bo and Camille Bragg of Irvington, received the varsity sailing most valuable player award.

Joseph Humphreys, the son of Joey and Kathryn Humphreys of White Stone received the varsity football most valuable offense award.

Jaylyn Kreimes, the grandson of Rust and Betty Acree of Sharps, received the varsity football most improved award.

Other awards

• Junior varsity volleyball, hustle award, Nayyir Strasner; most improved, Cecilia Li; coach’s award, Ana Maria Mamoribo.

• Varsity volleyball, hustle award, Hannah Duke; most improved, Carly Cunningham; coach’s award, Blair Pausic; most valuable, Lale Onuk.

• Varsity football, hustle award, Steven Stilianos; coach’s award, Pausic; most valuable defense, Jamar Darboe.

• Junior varsity soccer, hustle award, Casper Chen; most improved,  Xiaoyang Zhang; coach’s award, Weichen Zhao.

• Varsity soccer, most improved, Michael Maguire; most valuable, Moammar AlHammad and Darius Tucker.

• Field hockey, hustle award, Kelsey English; most improved, Rosie Kilby; coach’s award, Sydney Pitts; most valuable, Austin May.

• Junior varsity sailing, hustle award, Kennedy Jones; most improved, Victoria Li.

• Varsity sailing, hustle award, Thomas Walker; most improved, Benton Amthor; coach’s award, Austen Freda.

• River and outdoor sports, spirit award, Aleida Rumadas; coach’s award, Tim McDonald.

• Fall theater production, best supporting actor, Tommy Owens; best supporting actress, Vy Lai; most dynamic performer, Jarrett Marks; Renaissance man, Beichen Shi; most improved, Huy Bui.