Church of Uganda Bishop to speak April 22 at Light of Christ Anglican Church

The Right Rev. Dr. Samuel Stephen Kaziimba, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Mityana, Uganda, will speak Sunday, April 22, at Light of Christ (LOC) Anglican Church, 9500 Northumberland Highway, Heathsville.

Bishop Kaziimba will teach adult Sunday School at 8:30 a.m. and preach during the 10 a.m. worship service.

“We are pleased to welcome our friend, Rev. Stephen once again to Light of Christ Anglican Church,” said Rev. Mike Moffitt, rector.

Dr. Kaziimba first visited Heathsville in 2003 as a part of a mission trip with Sharing of Ministries Abroad and returned several times while working on his doctoral degree at Western Seminary USA. These visits resulted in a missional partnership between LOC’s congregation and The Cathedral Church of Saints Philip and Andrew in Mukono, Uganda.

Located in East Africa, Uganda borders Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and the Congo. Mitiyana is in Uganda’s central region and is home to almost a million people.

Bishop Kaziimba presides over about one-half million Anglicans in 80 parishes, which includes more than 500 churches and 450 schools. Christianity was introduced to Uganda in 1877, yet experienced a backlash in 1886. When 32 men refused to renounce their Christian faith, they were killed. Their martyrdom led to an explosion of growth for Christianity. Today, 80% of Ugandans are Christian; half of whom are Anglican and half Roman Catholic.

Several LOC members have visited Mukono and Mityana.

“Their way of life and culture is so different from ours. People work hard. There is not enough food or money for basic needs. There are few conveniences to make life easier, such as washing machines, modern plumbing or safe water. Yet there is singing and praising God and thanking him for everything,” said LOC deacon, Rev. Mary Swann.

“Hospitality, generosity and spirituality go together according to Bishop Stephen and I witnessed true biblical hospitality and generosity in every experience,” added Swann.