Commonwealth’s Attorney issues statement related to boating accident case proceedings

On Tuesday, August 20, Lancaster County Commonwealth’s attorney Jan C. Smith issued a statement regarding proceedings in the case of John Randolph “Rand” Hooper.

Hooper appeared before Judge Herbert Hewitt in Lancaster County Circuit Court on Monday, August 19, on charges of involuntary manslaughter and failure to render aid at the scene of an accident.

The case was before Judge Hewitt after Judge R. Michael McKenney recused himself in June, citing a victim impact statement that implied he had prior knowledge of the plea agreement and had encouraged it.

Smith had refused to comment on the case until making the following written statement:

“On August 10, 2017, there was a tragic boating incident on Carter Creek. The Lancaster County investigators did a good job in developing a suspicious death from a reported missing person. This case has been going on for two years. Any delay in justice is unfortunate as it ultimately brings even greater scrutiny on matters that do not bear on the facts.

“Prosecution of a case involves the orderly…