Council endorses ‘no wake’ zone on Carter Creek

Madison White Franks

by Madison White Franks

IRVINGTON—After five months of discussions regarding a “no wake” zone on Carter Creek, council endorsed the proposed request.

Following a closed session last Thursday, council member Jerry Latell moved to send a letter to the Lancaster board of supervisors recommending the approval of a no wake zone and stating the town’s support. Council member Wayne Nunnally seconded the motion and it passed unanimously, 6-0, with support from Fran Westbrook, Kathleen Pollard, Mike Bombay, Bonnie Schaschek, Nunnally and Latell.

An application was submitted to the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries regarding a no wake zone by Tom Chapman of the Rappahannock River Yacht Club, Bruce Sanders of Rappahannock Yachts and Carroll Davies of Crockett’s Landing.

During the public comment period before council took action, seven people spoke in favor of the no-wake zone and one spoke against it.

“We are not trying to control the creek or restrict anyone’s use of it. We are only asking that everyone use it responsibly and with consideration of others,” said Davies.

“This only takes up no more than 20%, so 80% of the creek is not changed in any way in our proposal,” said Chapman.

“The DGIF would be the enforcement agency and be the ones responsible for ticketing people…they are going to approve the location of the buoys and enforce it, they are the ones that are assuming any liability,” said Sanders.

“The town of Irvington doesn’t have any liability whatsoever,” said Steve Sommers of Irvington.

“Let’s not penalize everyone for the infraction of some. We urge council to encourage enforcement of our current laws and also keep our public waters open and available to the public for both recreational and commercial use,” said Julie Harris of Irvington in opposition of the no wake zone.

Council also accepted a leave of absence from mayor Rannie Ransone from August 9 to November 7 because of a family matter. Pollard will serve as acting mayor.

Council also re-appointed Shirley Crockett to the town’s board of zoning appeals for a four-year term.