Council supports rezoning of Irvington business sites

by Audrey Thomasson

IRVINGTON—A request to rezone five parcels on Irvington Road to commercial B-2 won the unanimous approval of the town council last week.

The properties connect to the commercial area on the north end of town. Four of the properties are owned by Julien G. Patterson of ICN Enterprises and will transfer from business (B-2) to business (B-1). The property addresses are 4323, 4303, 4283 and 4265 Irvington Road. Also, an application under the name of King Carter Holdings LLC rezones 4282 Irvington Road from residential (R-1) to business (B-1).

“I’m concerned about the process,” said George Cooper, a four-year resident of Irvington. He said granting control before you know the activity of the business is risky. “I suggest this is an opportunity for town council to review the process.”