by Henry Lane Hull

When I began writing this item Evon Davis was one of the mainstays in the production operation of the Rappahannock Record where she and Gloria Bosher prepared the articles submitted for publication. I had known her previously from shopping at Tri-Star Supermarket where her husband, Lee, has been a co-owner since its founding in 1975.

To say that Evon was a perfectionist would be a gross understatement. Her work at the newspaper always was done with a high level of precision, and she found pleasure in reading what she was preparing for publication. Neatness counted for Evon, both professionally and personally.

After she retired from the Record, we would meet about 8:30 every Thursday morning at Tri-Star doing our grocery shopping. We were part of the same weekly group that included Evon’s former colleague from the Record, Ann Shelton, and the late Shirley Fisher. Evon planned her week in advance, and Thursday morning was her time for groceries. Through that shopping activity, Evon and I stayed in contact over the years.

When Evon would drive into the parking lot and proceed to enter the store, Lee would stop whatever he was doing in the office to accompany her up and down the aisles. I once commented that he was being quite chivalrous in attending to Evon’s shopping, to which he replied that he had to be present to make sure she did not spend too much money. One evening when I met Jane Dunaway, the wife of Lee’s co-owner, Stuart Dunaway, shopping by herself, I told her I would be happy to suggest to Stuart that he offer the same assistance to her that Lee offered to Evon. Jane replied, “I like it this way.” Well, I tried.

Evon was always the same, a delightful person to know, an attentive listener and a great asset to the Record and, more importantly, to our Northern Neck community as well.

Evon Beverly Davis, October 7, 1940 – April 15, 2020. R.I.P.


Craig Smith was a man gifted with words. For 21 years he served as the pastor of Morattico Baptist Church, after previously serving in the same role at Nomini Baptist Church in Westmoreland County. Many who were not in his congregation came to know him from his annual address to the students of Lancaster Middle School in the course of their promotion exercises. He enjoyed children and was able to construct his phraseology to strike a chord in the students’ minds.

Craig was one whose actions were completely at one with his words. He and his wife, Janet, adopted two wonderful children from Russia, Emma and Martin, happy to share their lives with them and to afford them the blessings of living in America. A few years ago he and Janet bought a home and moved from the church parsonage in Kilmarnock, thereby giving the children a permanent home to call their own.

In his sermons and talks Craig spoke simply, but eloquently, devoid of fire and brimstone, but reaching into his listeners with sincerity and optimism. He was delighted to pastor his historic church on the hill, seeing it maintained as the landmark it is and welcoming visitors to share in its architectural beauty. He saw himself as a steward of its history, in which role he delighted. He also was committed to having great music at his services. He engaged the eminent pianist, Dr. Martha Stonequist, to play for the services, a task she happily undertook for 10 years.

Craig suffered from a debilitating disease which ultimately necessitated his retirement as pastor of the church. Last week he died, and unable to have a proper funeral due to the restrictions currently being imposed, he was buried in the bucolic churchyard where he had served faithfully and productively in the biblical vineyard.

The Reverend Harold Craig Smith, October 2, 1953 – April 20, 2020. R.I.P.