by Henry Lane Hull

Linda and John Davis did not move to the Northern Neck to retire. When they came, they went into business with John founding a company that he named for the view from his new Lancaster County home: Beach Creek Computers. 

John established a dealership that eventually sold and serviced many forms of technology all across the region. He specialized in helping small businesses find the right systems that would be economical and cost-effective. Accountants, shopkeepers, and private citizens came to rely on him. 

Having been a physics major at Washington and Lee University, John had an innate sense of how to make technology work for people. He was at home with cyberspace, viewing it with no fear or trepidation. In addition, John was gifted with an extraordinary level of patience, both with technology and with people.

For her part, Linda assisted him in the business, bringing to bear her longtime experience as the manager of a large Washington-area architectural firm. They put forth great effort in getting their cottage in order, only to see it burn, which led them to build a new, larger residence on the site. When not involved with their business or getting their home built, both Linda and John were committed to helping the Animal Welfare League as volunteers, amassing items to be donated for the League’s Thrift Store, and trying to promote animal safety and protection.

Linda definitely may be termed an “estate sale groupie.” She often said that although they needed nothing, she continued buying to donate the purchases to the Thrift Store as part of its fundraising operation. She rarely missed a sale, and often volunteered to help in setting up and doing the accounting.

Linda was known for her engaging sense of humor. She thrived on commenting on the passing scene, as well as making quips, some of which were directed at John. Once at a sale where a wig was being offered, she said “John would not notice if I were to put that wig on and come in the room.” As a gag, she did put the wig on and began modeling it, but sadly for her, John did take note. In the end, everyone laughed, and she removed the wig.

Fifteen years ago, Linda and John decided to close their business and move to Westminster, Md., to be nearer their children. They remained in contact with their Northern Neck friends, enjoying being able to reunite whenever possible. 

In his 70s, John got his pilot’s license, purchased a small plane, and began a new stage of his life. He joined Pilots N Paws, a pet rescue organization composed of pilots who fly pets being adopted to their new homes. The organization had him traveling across the country on those missions. Linda and John enjoyed gardening and traveling, as well as volunteering at their local humane society. Linda’s particular interest was in studying birds, learning their habits, and fostering an environment in which they could be at home.

As the years passed, Linda developed increasing health concerns that ultimately led to her moving to a nursing facility in their area. As her memory faded, she continued to remain interested in pets and antiques, and well into his 80s, John continued to ferry pets around the country to their new families on his plane. With John at the helm, the pets surely traveled first class.

In April, Linda died at the age of 80. The Northern Neck phase of their life together had brought both Linda and John great happiness. They continually asked about people and developments here, and they carried part of the local lore with them. 

Linda Montedonico Davis, May 21, 1939 – April 20, 2020. R.I.P.