Business leaders urge Lancaster County to actively pursue economic development

Jackie Nunnery

by Jackie Nunnery

LANCASTER—Local governments, Lancaster County included, are always looking for more revenue to provide services, but there are only a couple of ways to do that. One way is to add taxes. Another option is to add to the tax base by attracting businesses that will call Lancaster County home.

The board of supervisors last Thursday heard presentations from businessmen Paul Sciacchitano and Michael Locher about economic development and enterprise zones as means to improve the economic outlook of the county.

Sciacchitano, along with local businessmen Jimmie Carter and Julien Patterson, met as a “group of concerned citizens” regarding economic development in the county. They are looking for the county to formalize and increase its role in persuading businesses to come to the county. In his presentation, Sciacchitano urged the county to develop a strategic plan specific to economic development…