Irvington UMC begins outreach to teachers

The United Methodist Conference recently challenged each church to develop intentional ministry outreach in their community. Irvington UMC accepted the challenge and has begun a ministry to support new teachers in the county.

According to the conference, intentional ministry involves engagement in the surrounding community, initiating and building relationships with those outside the church building, reported project chairman Audrey Lowery. These efforts will become a vital part of an intentional system of discipleship.

The most essential step for reaching out and making disciples of Jesus is to immerse the members in the lives of the people who are right outside the doors of the church and realize the calling is to have a meaningful relationship in authentic and consistent ways, said Lowery. To begin to make this happen, members need to see all the people that God calls them to reach in the community.

Foster Lee of Irvington UMC attended a recent conference, See All the People, which introduced the concept of intentional ministry…