Kilmarnock police discover marijuana plants

Officer William Russel examines the marijuana plants, paraphernalia and guns which were recovered by Kilmarnock police in a recent drug bust.
Megan Schiffres

by Megan Schiffres

KILMARNOCK—While responding to a domestic disturbance call and reports of gunshots, Kilmarnock police discovered thousands of dollars worth of marijuana plants in a local home.

Thirteen marijuana plants eventually were found, in addition to five rifles and two shotguns which were legally purchased.

On June 17, Stephen M. Reynolds, 31, and Michael A. Bayblitz, 35, were charged with related offenses following the drug bust at their residence, 619 Wiggins Avenue, Kilmarnock. Reynolds was charged with disorderly conduct and one count of manufacturing marijuana. Bayblitz also was charged with one count of manufacturing marijuana…