Kunkle announces campaign for Commonwealth’s Attorney

LANCASTER—Kenneth Kunkle, assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for Lancaster County and a former City of Suffolk police officer, is a candidate for the office of Commonwealth’s Attorney in the November 5 general election.

Kunkle recently announced he will seek the Republican nomination for Commonwealth’s Attorney when the Lancaster County Republican Committee holds its mass meeting to select candidates for county offices on May 21 at the Lancaster Community Library in Kilmarnock.

A number of Lancaster residents urged him to run for the office after speaking with him about his experience and views on prosecution, said Kunkle.

“Partisan considerations will play no part in my service as Commonwealth’s Attorney of Lancaster County, in the same way that they have not shaped my decisions as a prosecutor and police officer at any time during my 19 years in the criminal justice system,” Kunkle said in a statement regarding his candidacy. “The first and foremost duty of a prosecutor is to seek justice above all else…