Lancaster County Circuit Court Report

by Audrey Thomasson

LANCASTER—A Northumberland man who fell behind on restitution payments and had not checked in with his probation officer in the last two months was threatened last Friday with serving out his full five-year sentence if he didn’t fulfill the obligations by the end of the day.

Deondre Lampkin of Heathsville told Lancaster County Circuit Court Judge R. Michael McKenney that his restitution payments were now up to date. However, his calls to the probation officer in Warsaw had not been returned.

According to Lampkin’s attorney Patrick O’Brien, the probation officer claimed she was waiting for the order from the Commonwealth’s attorney before calling him back.

“If I were in your position and looking at five years in prison, I wouldn’t rely on the phone. I would go up there and park myself in their office until they could see me,” said Judge McKenney.

He then reprimanded court employees for not doing their job and noted that it was pretty easy to find the order on the court website. “I expect them to…come to court and do their work,” he said.

Lampkin made arrangements for a family member to drive him to Warsaw that day.

March 24 cases

Judge McKenney heard several cases March 24 in Lancaster County Circuit Court.

Centrix Brandell Palmer of Lancaster was in court for review of probation violation on two felony convictions. Palmer paid $300 in restitution with $1,473 remaining.

Gregory Allen Pratt of Lively, charged with probation violation on four felony and two misdemeanor convictions, was scheduled for trial on May 12.

George Eric Lee of White Stone, charged with probation violations on 10 felony convictions, was scheduled for trial on March 31.

Brandon Todd Fisher of White Stone was arraigned on probation violations for one felony and two misdemeanor convictions. The case was continued to April 28.

Judge Herbert Hewitt also heard several cases on March 24 in Lancaster County Circuit Court.

Robert Wayne Dawson II of Burkeville was in court after being arrested for failure to appear in court on probation violations on two felony convictions. Probation was revoked and he was remanded to prison for three years.

Calvin Jarrod Jackson of Lancaster was sentenced to 10 years in prison on four felonies and four misdemeanors of abduction, assault, armed robbery, destruction of property and violation of a protection order. No time was suspended and he was ordered to serve 99 years of probation upon release.

After her first plea deal was rejected, Melanie Anne Meline of Hague pleaded guilty to two felonies of grand larceny and illegal entry and received a total of 10 years, all suspended, one year supervised probation, fined $250 and ordered to pay $1,983 in court costs.

Also appearing on a rejected plea deal, Christopher Ryan Brooks of Lancaster pleaded guilty to felony grand larceny and was sentenced by Judge Hewitt to five years with four years suspended, two years of supervised probation and ordered to pay $5,400 in restitution.

Chante Monet Merrill of Lancaster pleaded guilty to misdemeanor embezzlement and was sentenced to 90 days with 80 days suspended, two years supervised probation and court costs of $369.

March 31 cases

Judge McKenney heard several cases March 31 in Lancaster County Circuit Court.

Derrick Saunders of Lancaster, charged with probation violation on a felony conviction, was assigned Dean Atkins as his court appointed attorney after he complained about his current attorney. “He doesn’t speak up for me. I tried to fire him,” said Saunders. The case was set for April 28.

Eric Lee George of White Stone asked for one last chance after pleading guilty to probation violation on nine felony convictions. George failed to complete substance abuse programs and continued to use drugs. Judge McKenney said the system is not structured to grant his request and gave him an active sentence of four years.

Russell L. Dodson, serving 10 years for aggravated sexual battery, was granted court appointed attorney Rusty McKerns in order to appeal his plea agreement to the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Ella Louise Hardy, charged with two felonies of selling schedule I/II drugs, appeared in court without her attorney. The judge continued her bond to April 7 in order for her to contact attorney Brent Jackson.

Dasmine Durrell Fisher of Weems, charged with felony selling schedule I/II drugs and manufacturing a controlled substance, was granted court appointed attorney Wayne Painter. Trial was tentatively set for April 28.