Lancaster school bus routes posted

Transportation director John Mann recently posted the Lancaster school bus routes for the 2017-18 academic year. The official bus routes, if changed, will be posted at the school’s front entrance by 5 p.m. Sunday, September 3.

These routes were established with the transportation forms used at registration August 14 and 15. The buses are scheduled to be full and Mann emphasized that bus notes to ride other buses will not be accepted this year. If a student does not ride from/to their assigned stop it is the parent’s responsibility to provide transportation for them, he said.

Primary school students will again be riding their own buses. Each student should wear a tag with their name, telephone number and bus number when they get on the bus.

Parents are urged to send their children to school on the bus the first week of classes so routes can be validated.

The start times are only an estimate, due to additions and deletions from the routes the schools continue to receive daily, he said. Streets are listed in the order the bus travels.

LPS routes 

Bus 4, Patsy Clark: 6:42 a.m., Chowning Ferry, River, Reynolds Farm, Millenbeck, Slabtown, White Hall, Oak Hill, Levelgreen, Payne’s Shop, Belmont, Lonsome Pine Trail, Sage Hill, Thomas Landing, Western Branch, Corrotoman, Rocky Neck, Granville Bay, White Chapel.

Bus 5, Lucille Toulson: 6:48 a.m., Carlson, Pinkardsville, Crawfords Corner, Twin Branch, Chestnut Grove, Beanes, Lara, Alphonso, White Chapel, Griffens Landing, Mary Ball.

Bus 7, Angel Hudson: 7:05 a.m., Irvington, Yorkshire, Keith, Walnut, Noblet, Roseneath, Wiggins, Mary Ball, Milburn Estates, Fleets Bay, Boys Camp, Chase, Loyd, Clark, East Church, Fox Hill, School Street.

Bus 23, Karen Mast: 7 a.m., Chesapeake, The Lane, Irvington, Fairway, Greentown, Gaskins, Weems, James, Benson, Jenkins, Corrotoman, Campbell, Mary Ball.

Bus 26, Jack Bailey: 7 a.m., Morattico, Lancaster Creek, River, Nuttsville, Peirces, Mary Ball, Clover, Pond Park, Riverwood.

Bus 34, Patricia Early: 7 a.m., Cox Farm, Black Stump, Lumberlost, Taylors Creek, Wilson, Devils Bottom, Merry Point, Buzzards Neck, Mary Ball.

Bus 8, Linda Ashburn: 7 a.m., Scott, Windmill Point, Mosquito Point, Beach, Dawson, Shady, Cherry Point, Newtown, James Wharf, Rappahannock, Sandlin, Ice House, Woods, Ocran, Poplar Neck.

LMS/LHS routes 

Bus 9, Paul Webster: 6:40 a.m., Yankee Point, Oak Hill, Levelgreen, Ottoman Ferry, Slabtown, Millenbeck, Cottage Cove, Chowning Ferry, River, Reynolds Farm, Payne Shop, Belmont, Lonesome Pine Trail, Sage Hill, Dogget, Griffin’s Landing.

Bus 13, Patricia Baker: 6:50 a.m., Chesnut Grove, Twin Branch, Beanes, Miskimon, Lara, Alfonso, Lara, White Chapel, Mary Ball, Clover.

Bus 16, Connie Smith: 6:50 a.m., Lancaster Shores, Morattico, Nuttsville, Peirces, Mary Ball.

Bus 18, Peggy Hendrickson: 7 a.m., Browns Store, Crawfords, Corner, Regina, Carlson, Pinckardsville, Devils Bottom, Riverwood, Pond Park, Merry Point.

Bus 19, Valerie Turner: 6:50 a.m., Campbell, Devils Bottom, Iberis, Merry Point, West Point, Buzzards Neck, Richtown.

Bus 14/24, Peggy Benson or Barbara Hall: 6:55 a.m., Belle Isle, River, Granville Bay, Rocky Neck, Howards, Kathy, Western Branch, Sullavans, Corrotoman by the Bay, White Chapel.

Bus 27, Jack Bryant: 6:45 a.m., Mosquito Point, Windmill Point, Ring Farm, Golden Eagle/Lancaster, Irvington.

Bus 28, Pat Gordon: 7 a.m., Weems, James, Benson, Johns Neck, Taylors Creek, Lumberlost, Black Stump.

Bus 3/30, Deborah Smith: 6:50 a.m., Harris, Mary Ball toward White Stone, Ice House, Sandlin, Blueberry Point, Newtown, James Wharf, Joyful Way, Shady, Cherry Point, Dawson, Beach.

Bus 31, Laverne Smith: 7:15 a.m., Christ Church, Greentown, Gaskins, Weems, Gunther, Wilson, Jenkins, Irvington.

Bus 33, Dianne Abbot: 7:05 a.m. Fleets Bay, Wiggins, South Main Street, New South, Mary Ball, Millburn Estates, Simmons, Boys Camp, Chase, Clark, Roseneath, Eubank, Yorkshire, Keith, School.

Bus 37, Dave Carlson: 7:10 a.m., Good Luck, Campbell, Cox Farm, James B. Jones Memorial Highway, North Main Street, East Church, Fox Hill.

Parents with questions regarding the bus routes should call the school their student will be attending at 462-5100.