Larry R. Myrick

RICHMOND—Larry R. Myrick passed away in Richmond on January 29, 2018.

He was a resident of Weems with Naomi, his wife of 57 years.

Larry was a proud Iowa Hawkeye born in Dickinson County, Iowa, in 1935, grew up in Paullina, Iowa, and then graduated from the University of Iowa. He was the son of Mel and Audrey Myrick.

Larry served in the U.S. Navy Reserve for eight years. He worked at IBM from 1959 to 1985 in multiple locations including St. Louis, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Kansas City and New Jersey, where he was director at IBM’s Biomedical Services Group.

After leaving IBM, Larry served as president at another company in the biomedical industry before retiring in the beautiful Northern Neck area of Virginia in 1997.

Larry was outgoing and the eternal optimist, giving encouragement and guidance to friends, colleagues but especially for his family: Naomi and their children, Mark and Laura. He was always encouraging each of them to pursue their passions at school, sports, art and professional endeavors.

Larry loved his grandchildren Michael, Rebecca, Andrea and Andrew. He always stayed connected to his Iowa roots thanks to his niece, Janny, her husband, Trace, and their kids, Nikki, Tony, and their families.

He is missed by the many people he touched during his 82 years.