Master Naturalists to meet January 10

The Northern Neck Chapter of the Virginia Master Naturalists will meet Tuesday, January 10, at Belle Isle State Park, 1632 Belle Isle Road, Lancaster. The general meeting will begin at 1 p.m., followed by a speaker at 2 p.m.

The talk will be presented by chapter member Faye Andrashko of Irvington, a member of the 2007 Northern Neck Master Naturalists graduating class, reported Alison Sower.

The Andrashkos came upon a beautiful feathered creature who had just “passed away” on a trail, with no signs of obvious distress, so began “Faye and the Great Horned Owl Experience.” Folks offered donations and through a series of phone calls and a few hits and misses, “The Duchess” has been lovingly preserved and is on display at the park, said Sower.

This was accomplished through the hard work and dedication of Faye Andrashko, who is so appreciated and admired by all who know her in the chapter, added Sower.

Those attending the Master Naturalist meeting at Belle Isle do not have to pay to enter, she said.