New creative arts center promotes well-being among youth and teens

by Lisa Hinton-Valdrighi

Dancers ages 4-9 watch as instructor Janae Washington teaches a class for dancers ages 10 and older at Safe Love Creative Arts and Mentoring Center. Photo by Lisa Hinton-Valdrighi

Carisa Turner Davis was one of those troubled teens who didn’t want to be in school and didn’t graduate with her class. So she can relate to many of the young people who come into her Safe Love Creative Arts and Mentoring Center, 453 North Main Street, Kilmarnock.

Davis says she’s been where a lot of kids are: down on themselves with low self-esteem.

“So the mission for me is to promote unconditional self-love and self-awareness with constructive and faithful programs,” said the owner and director of the center, which opened September 1 in Lancaster Commons. 

Three years ago, Davis, who had attended Northumberland High School as a teenager, went back to school and receive…[to-view-more]