New teachers welcomed

The Tides Inn hosted a luncheon August 21 for these new faculty and staff members in Lancaster Public Schools. From left are (front row) Glauco Ortolano, Eric Schaefer, Ashton Crabtree, Lindsey Sokol, Jessica Snead, Jamie Barringer, Belle D'Silva and Allyson Umstead; (next row) Tides Inn general manager Gordon Slatford, Kristen Aitken, Regina Howard, Jennifer Eddy, Carolena Gasbarro, Karissa Barnes, Robyn Frayser and Butch Gross; (next row) Donald Weik, Adam Redinger, Mona Hendricks, Paul Kelley, Guy Summers, Sharne'e Roberts, Zack Stevens, John Stafford, Frannie Hubbard and Daniel Hudson. Other new faculty and staff are Julie Martin, Alaina Walker, Meghan Madler and Hillary Wood.