Northumberland board approves Callao campground with conditions

Jackie Nunnery

by Jackie Nunnery

HEATHSVILLE—The Northumberland board of supervisors on Thursday, July 15, unanimously approved a campground at the site of the former Village Green golf course in Callao.

A decision was tabled following last month’s public hearing on the matter. The extra time was used to work with nearby residents and finalize the conditions placed on the permit by property owner Daniel Corder.

Supervisors James Brann, Richard Haynie, James Long, Thomas Tomlin and Ronald Jett all voted in favor of granting the permit.

Among the conditions, all required permits and licenses must be obtained; there will be no parking on the Village Green Drive right-of-way; a central dump site will be installed and connected to the sewer system; the campground will be limited to 20 sites; no campsites will be …[to-view-more]