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Northumberland school budget surplus explained

by Madison White Franks

HEATHSVILLE—Northumberland supervisors on December 15 expressed concern about financial issues within the school system.

School finance director Lynn Mason responded to questions regarding a previously undocumented budget surplus of $397,238.34.

“We had revenue that I did not recognize. The reports I pulled down in February did not show sales tax [receipts],” said Mason.

“The state was adjusting systems and told me it would eventually show up,” said Mason.

Supervisor Tommy Tomlin asked Mason if other school districts have had the same issue with their systems. Mason said they have probably had the same problem but she had not made such inquiries. She took responsibility for not catching the item earlier.

“Transparency is important, but I think we have to work collectively to make sure that our school system is being a good fiscal agent to our taxpayers,” said acting superintendent of schools Holly Wargo.

“My focus for the past month has really been trying to reassure our students, our families, our parents, our community members of the Northumberland Public Schools’ focus. We are very committed to our students, to their individual needs as well as their family’s needs,” said Wargo.

The board also updated dance permit ordinances and approved a request to allow golf carts on public streets in the Twin Harbors subdivison.

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