Northumberland schools to reopen in-person learning options for all grade level

Megan Schiffres

by Megan Schiffres

CLARAVILLE—All students attending Northumberland County Public Schools will soon have the option to attend in-person learning on a hybrid schedule.

Students will still have the opportunity to opt-out of in-person learning and attend school digitally. Students who choose the hybrid in-person learning option will be divided into two groups which will attend the school buildings on different days, with a day designated for cleaning between the two groups.

Members of the Northumberland county school board including Gayle Sterrett, Dana O’Bier, Betty Christopher and Cheryl Davis voted unanimously (4-0) to reopen in-person learning options for all grade levels after a closed meeting last Tuesday.

“It is the school board’s hope and goal to…[to-view-more]