Old Salem Road residents object to Irvington’s proposed truck route

Jackie Nunnery

by Jackie Nunnery

IRVINGTON—Several residents who live on Old Salem Road addressed the Irvington Town Town Council on Thursday, September 10 , speaking against a proposal to designate Old Salem an alternate thru truck route, bypassing the town.

David Headley lives in Irvington and has concerns about truck traffic through town, but as an owner of two lots on Old Salem Road, he said “the volume of traffic on that road is tremendous and the thing most alarming is that a lot of people are not paying any attention at all to the speed limit.”

John Roberts, a resident of Rappahannock Westminster-Cantebury (RWC) and immediate past president of the residents’ association, told the council the decision to use Old Salem Road for truck traffic had “awakened a sleeping giant.” People living in the communities off of Old Salem Road “support your desire for speed control on Irvington Road. Irvington is our town too… [to-view-more]