Adult swimmers are making a splash

From left are Dawn Fowle, Charles Cox, instructor Mark Favazza, Mario Williams and Jay Jung.

by Tom Martin

Swimming has many benefits. It offers a full-body workout and is great for one’s health and general well-being. But, for many, it’s not just time or access that keeps them from incorporating it into their fitness regimen. For many, it’s about overcoming life’s challenges to gain swimming’s abundant rewards.

Growing up, Mario Williams had no access to a pool or open water and never learned how to swim. For years he feared to enter water above his waist. By his late 20s, he learned to enjoy wading and socializing around a pool. But after accidentally sliding off a floating raft and experiencing a panic attack, he put the dream of learning to swim on hold for decades.

Recently, Williams set some new life goals, with more exercise being at the top of his list. He gave swimming one more try. Through persistent practice he is now comfortable in the water…