Planners send zoning amendments to supervisors

Madison White Franks

by Madison White Franks

LANCASTER—Following a public hearing last Thursday, the Lancaster planning commission moved forward with recommended modifications to portions of the county zoning ordinance.

There were no public comments related to the proposed amendment changes, said planning and land use director Don Gill.

Commission member Tara Booth made a motion recommending the board of supervisors amend the rural village overlay district (Article 21).

The motion passed unanimously, 6-0, with support from commission members Steve Sorenson, Dave Chupp, Ty Brent, Robert Smart, Glendon Pinn and Booth. Commission member Tom Richardson was absent.

Article 21 addresses village centers and is intended for the conduct of business to which the public requires direct and frequent access in addition to primary residences. It is also designed to encourage the centralization of permitted uses as a means of revitalizing traditional areas and making the delivery of goods and services more cost effective.

As proposed, seafood processing operations would be removed from the village overlay district…