Recycling program changes in Lancaster

Jackie Nunnery

by Jackie Nunnery

LANCASTER—Those who recycle in Lancaster County may have noticed the convenience centers no longer accept glass items for recycling.

According to Lancaster County solid waste and recycling manager Donald Brown, they have been looking for another vendor to take the glass for recycling, but the closest is in Fairfax County, which makes it impractical.

As a result, Brown said glass “should be placed in with general waste for disposal.” Most other materials such as paper, metal and plastics can continue to be sorted and recycled within certain guidelines which are posted at under updated recycling guidelines.

While Brown acknowledged that the county is seeing a “high volume of plastics,” there isn’t a backlog of plastic recycling. Brown said that recyclable plastics are often bundled and stockpiled at the centers until a sufficient amount is collected for hauling to the recycling site.