River Counties Community Foundation partners with duPont Fund to award COVID-19 relief

WHITE STONE—The River Counties Community Foundation (RCCF) has partnered with the Jessie Ball duPont Fund to respond to immediate needs in Lancaster, Middlesex and Northumberland counties brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic. Grants have been awarded to those organizations on the front lines providing food access, housing and access to healthcare.

Thus far, $279,400 has been raised by RCCF; a total of $173,950 in rapid response grant funding has been approved for these three counties in the last three weeks. In addition, the duPont Fund is directing a portion of its own funding to support other front-line nonprofits in the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula, beyond the three counties served by RCCF.

As you can imagine, the entire non-profit sector has been impacted,” said RCCF director Margaret Nost. “Much of that impact is in response to overwhelming requests for services but also in response to lost revenue due to the cancellation of programs and major fundraising events.”

Because of their local expertise and…