Santa letter correction

Hi Santa,

I am doing great in school and I’m a good boy.

Santa, I love surprises so anything you think I’d like would be great. I do love the outdoors and hunt with Dad more.

My sister, Stella Grace and I love the snow and mountains up here in Harrisonburg and love our warmer days and the water down at the creek in White Stone. Actually, I guess you could leave us some surprises in both places. She is a great sister and a good girl too!

Thanks for all you’ve left for me in the past Christmases. I’m so excited, so I’ll thank you now for what you leave under the tree for me this Christmas. Please be good to Mom, Dad, Gaga, Gigi, Pop, Grandaddy and all my friends and relatives. They all are so good to me.

Milk and cookies will be under the tree and food for the reindeer will be on the step. Have a safe and fun trip Santa.

Sawyer George Huff, age 6

Dear Santa,

My name is Stella Grace Huff and I will be 4 years old on New Years Eve. This is a fun time of the year for me!

Santa, I am a good little girl and so is my brother Sawyer, so please leave us any toys, clothes and surprises you think we would like.

We enjoy playing and sharing together. Of course I love my dolls and he is more of the outdoors type like Daddy.

I do think we both would enjoy a slackline-you know like Charlotte has, if you can. I really enjoyed that.

Please treat my Mom, Daddy, Gaga, Gigi, Pop and Grandaddy nice. They love us so much. Please also remember all our friends and relatives and kids everywhere.

I will leave you some treats under the tree. Reindeer food will be on the step.

Love you Santa,
Stella Grace Huff, age 3