Scammers posing as co-op collections

WARSAW—Northern Neck Electric Cooperative (NNEC) on Tuesday, September 10, issued a scam alert.

Several co-op members have received telephone calls where the caller is demanding an immediate payment over the phone or electric service will be cut off in 45 minutes, reported Jay Garner.

Please know that Northern Neck Electric Cooperative will never call and demand payment over the phone, said public relations director H. Jay Garner III.

Those who receive a suspicious call, should never give out bank account numbers, credit card numbers or social security numbers to the caller over the phone.

NNEC customers who become concerned as to the status of their electric service, should call NNEC, 333-3621 or 1-800-243-2860, and speak with a customer service representative.

If a suspicious caller’s tactics become aggressive and pushy, hang-up and call a local law enforcement agency. Don’t become the victim of a scam.