Scores & Schedules

Varsity football

Sussex 46, Lancaster 16

West Point 7, Rappahannock 0

Essex 40, Jamestown 0

Christchurch 35, Middlesex 6

King & Queen 58, Windsor 0

King William 44, Nandua 0

JV football

Northumberland 20, Rappahannock 14

Varsity volleyball

West Point def. Lancaster, 3-2

Lancaster def. Charles City, 3-0

Lancaster def. King & Queen,3-0

Rappahannock def. King William, 3-0

Northumberland def. Mathews, 3-0

Colonial Beach def. West Point, 3-1


Lancaster def. Northumberland, 164-201

Lancaster def. Essex, 204-250

Northumberland def. Rappahannock 173-194

Middlesex def. West Point, 171-234

King William def. Rappahannock, 159-185

Varsity field hockey

King George 6, Northumberland 0

Upcoming games

Varsity football

(7 p.m.)

September 9:

Lancaster at West Point

Northumberland at Charles City

Rappahannock at Westmoreland

Essex at King William

Middlesex at Windsor

September 15:

Franklin at Essex

JV football

(6 p.m.)

September 14:

Lancaster at Middlesex

King & Queen at Northumberland

Rappahannock at Brunswick

Westmoreland at King George


(4 p.m.)

September 12:

Lancaster vs. Essex, Hobbs Hole Golf Course

Rappahannock vs. Northumberland, Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club

September 14:

Lancaster vs. Rappahannock, Golden Eagle Golf Course

Essex vs. Northumberland, Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club

Varsity/JV volleyball

(JV 5 p.m., varsity 6:30 p.m.)

September 8:

Lancaster at Northampton

West Point at Northumberland

St. Margaret’s at Westmoreland

September 10:

Rappahannock at Auburn

September 12:

Middlesex at Lancaster

September 13:

Westmoreland at Northumberland

Rappahannock at King William

September 14:

Northampton at Lancaster

Westmoreland at Surry

September 15:

Northumberland at Colonial Beach

Varsity field hockey

September 9:

Caroline at Northumberland

September 12:

Northumberland at King George

Cross country

(5 p.m.)

September 10:

Lancaster at Newport News Park, 9 a.m.

September 14:

Multiple schools at Westmoreland