Study of black history inspires creativity among local students

From left are Northumberland Middle School students Destini Blackwell with her depiction of former President Barack Obama, Trinity Smith with a depiction of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Jessica Lee with her portrait of Obama, and Madison Garrity with her portrait of Rosa Parks.

by Audrey Thomasson

Throughout February, area school students have been celebrating black history in America. Their studies took on many forms, including music, visual arts, creative writing, discussions and trivia games.

Educators say students need positive role models for inspiration and to help them realize they can accomplish great things. Included here is a small sampling of their works and the role models who inspired them.

In Northumberland, middle school art teacher Michael Stevenson and high school art teacher Katrina Perez challenged students to express their inspiration through art.

In Lancaster, students of high school English teacher Mark Gates shared their thoughts based on inspirational quotes…