Topping business offers ‘sailplane’ experiences

by AnnGardner Eubank

Thanks to the quietness of operating without an engine, floating in a glider is the most bird-like experience one can have, says Michael Kuhnert. He takes guests above the Rappahannock River for optimal views of the Robert O. Norris Jr. Memorial Bridge. Photo by AnnGardner Eubank

Seeing the Rappahannock River and Middlesex and Lancaster areas from a bird’s-eye view has never been as tranquil and weightless since Michael Kuhnert with Bay Aviation at Hummel Airfield began offering flights in his 1969 glider.

Kuhnert, the chief pilot and owner of Bay Aviation, began offering glider flights three months ago, he said.

“If you’re looking for an absolutely bird-like experience, the glider is the trip for you,” he said.

Kuhnert’s glider aircraft offers the most quiet, float-like experience within the sky among the birds thanks to the fact it doesn’t have an engine.

To get to the soaring stage….

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