Town election results:

Incumbents unseated in Kilmarnock

KILMARNOCK—According to unofficial results posted on the Virginia Department of Elections website shortly after polls closed on Tuesday, May 19, all three sitting Kilmarnock council members seeking reelection were unseated.

Michael S. “Mike” Beddell, Kylie R. Abbott and Donald Lewis Lee were elected to Kilmarnock Town Council. Beddell had 207 votes; Abbott, 152; and Lee, 147.

Among the incumbents Rebecca T. Nunn had 129 votes;  Michael T. Sutherlin, 107; and Alice M. Cooper, 106. R.C. “Chris” Harris had 24.

In Irvington, Albert “Tripp” Bugg won the mayor’s race. Bugg had 139 votes. Councilman R. Wayne Nunnally had 98.

For town council, P. Anthony Marchetti Jr., incumbent Frances E. Westbrook and Dudley Moncure Patteson won seats. Marchetti had 173 votes; Westbrook, 142; and Patteson, 128. J. Chris Braly had 112 votes and Klaus D. Schaschek, 91.

In White Stone, where three incumbents were the only candidates on the ballot for four seats, William B. Hubbard had 47 votes; Jamilah Y. Sawyer, 42; and Kathryn S. Roop, 40.

Voter Registrar Susan P. Jett indicated the Lancaster County Electoral Board planned to meet Wednesday afternoon to canvass the election, at which time write-in votes would be counted to determine if the fourth seat will be filled.