Trucks, signs and sidewalks at heart of Irvington discussions

by Audrey Thomasson

IRVINGTON—At least one citizen would like to put a stop to trucks speeding through Irvington and put them back on the Kilmarnock bypass where they belong.

On July 13, June McGeorge asked town council members to obtain a “through-truck restriction” zone in Irvington, similar to one in Kilmarnock.

“Trucks are speeding through here, some at four o’clock in the morning, hitting those rumble strips,” said McGeorge. “Logging trucks, Walmart tractor trailers, Ace Hardware tractor trailers, tractors pulling oversized dump trailers are speeding into town and it is definitely a safety concern.”

She noted that most of the offenders are not local and chose to run through Irvington rather than take the Kilmarnock bypass because it is the quickest route.

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