UUFR youth play the ‘singing bowls’

From left are Tiffany Yang and Eden Ginsburg.

Tiffany Yang and Eden Ginsburg played the “singing bowls” during the offertory on Sunday, February 12, at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Rappahannock (UUFR) in White Stone.

The pair of seven-year-olds are part of the religious education children’s group led by UUFR member Belinda Gaskins. The children had a busy week, as they also delivered homemade valentines to several residents of Commonwealth Senior Living in Kilmarnock, a public service idea suggested by Eden Ginsburg, reported Katherine Cassidy.

Gaskins invites more families to learn about children’s activities at UUFR, whether parents are UUFR members or not. Contact Gaskins at 577-7974.