Vacation rental concerns may lead to county occupancy tax


Madison White Franks

by Madison White Franks

A 2% occupancy tax may be in the works for short and long term vacation rentals in Lancaster County.

At the July 26 board of supervisors meeting, District 5 supervisor Robert Westbrook said the county can impose a 2% occupancy tax. This tax would be separate from the occupancy taxes levied in Irvington and Kilmarnock and would apply to properties outside the corporate limits of the towns.

He introduced a motion authorizing county attorney Jim Cornwell to draft an ordinance for the proposed 2% occupancy tax and the motion passed, 5-0, with support from District 1 supervisor Jack Larson, District 2 supervisor Ernest Palin, District 3 supervisor Jason Bellows, District 4 supervisor and chairman Bill Lee and Westbrook.

Larson asked interim county administrator Don Gill to get the planning commission to work on this topic.

Prior to the action, Tammy Thrift of Weems expressed concern regarding an increase in traffic down a gravel road in her 15-home neighborhood on Black Stump Road.

“All of a sudden there were cars racing up and down the private gravel road. Cars we have never seen before, lots of them. Excessive speeds while I had my dog out in the car,” said Thrift…