Weekend medical clinic serves hundreds

Dental procedures took place in the Richmond County Elementary School gymnasium.

WARSAWThe Rappahannock Community College Remote Area Medical (RAM) of Virginia health event November 4 and 5 at Richmond County Elementary School served nearly 700 patients.

On November 3, huge white trucks rolled into the school parking lot. Out of these trucks came thousands of articles of medical supplies and equipment unloaded by an army of volunteers. These hundreds of volunteers were all on a 48-hour mission—to provide as much free health care as possible.

For five hours, the volunteers carted dental supplies and vision equipment, sheets and blankets and countless other items into the brick building. They transformed the gymnasium into a 25-unit dental clinic, complete with space for its x-ray team. Halls were waiting areas, which led to rooms of miniature medical clinics and vision examination bays. Soon a mammography truck pulled up. Folks arrived prepared to give flu vaccines and even more people, who were not trained in the medical arts, pitched in. All worked to help RAM of Virginia achieve its mission.

RAM started in 1985 with the intention of bringing healthcare to those who have none.