Windmill restoration brings gust of fresh air

Pam Gurley displays the restored windmill and sail.

by Shaune Lee

Drivers turning onto Crawfords Corner Road from Regina Road have a new landmark by which to navigate. After two months of hard work, Bill and Pam Gurley have brought a nearly 100-year-old windmill back to life.

Originally purchased by Bill’s great-grandfather, William Kincaid Pitman Sr. (also known as “Papa King”), the 45-foot-tall 1937 Aermotor windmill sat for decades on his property, pumping water to support his large family and his farming enterprises. After his death in the 1970s, Pam Gurley said, the house fell into disrepair and had to be demolished—but the windmill, left behind, ended up being semi-protected by….[to-view-more]