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By mail: PO Box 400, Kilmarnock, VA 22482
By physical address: 27 North Main St., Kilmarnock, VA 22482
By telephone: 804-435-1701
By fax: 804-435-2632
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To reach members of the staff, dial the main phone number, 804-435-1701, and then the employee’s extension when prompted, or use the e-mail address.

Newsroom Staff:
Robert D. Mason Jr., editor, extension 25,
Lisa Hinton-Valdrighi, reporter, extension 23,
Audrey Thomasson, reporter, extension 22,
Madison White Franks, reporter, extension 28,

Advertising Staff:
Sara Amiss, manager, extension 13,
K.C. Troise, IT and webmaster, extension 19,
Marilyn Bryant, ad sales, extension 11,
Jessica Michels-Mancini, ad sales, extension 15,

Production Staff:
Susan Simmons, publications director and general manager, extension 18,
Stephanie Feria, ad & page compositor, extension 26,
Mike Antonio, ad & page compositor, extension 17,
Gloria Bosher, classified compositor, extension 17,
Doreen Hamblet, proofreader, extension 24,

Publishing/Business Staff:
Frederick A. Gaskins, president, extension 20,
Bettie Lee Gaskins, treasurer, extension 21,
Kate Oliver, CPA, general manager, extension 21,
Susan Robertson, classifieds accounts manager, extension 12,
Lindsay Bishoff, display accounts manager, extension 14,

Michelle Smith, circulation manager, extension 16,