Blacksmithing classes scheduled at Rice’s Hotel/Hughlett’s Tavern

Rice’s Hotel/Hughlett’s Tavern will offer beginning and intermediate level blacksmithing classes.

Rice’s Hotel/Hughlett’s Tavern, 73 Monument Place, Heathsville has added Blacksmithing 101 and Blacksmithing 102 to their schedule of “Heritage Arts” classes.

The beginner blacksmithing class will be taught by the Tavern’s Heathsville Forge Blacksmith Guild from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. April 6. Students will learn the basic skills of blacksmithing to create their own metal projects. All supplies will be included in the fee of $120 per student.

“You’ll be taught tapering, tempering and hardening of mild steel and then how to make a punch or chisel to use in another project….[to-view-more]