Bringing Your Business to the Table September 26 to offer dining etiquette

The Lancaster by the Bay Chamber of Commerce and Ginger Philbrick, owner of Because You Are Polite LLC, will present Bringing Your Business to the Table from 5:30-7:30 p.m. September 26 at The 606 Featuring The Quays and Walkabout Creek, 606 Chesapeake Drive, White Stone.

“According to a study by three major academic institutions, success in a job depends 85% on people skills and 15% on technical knowledge and skills,” said Philbrick. “People skills are those which make you and others feel at ease, including when you are hosting, or being hosted at, the very important business meal.”

Philbrick will offer an interactive lesson in preparing for and ensuring the success of any meal with a client, staff members or potential employee.

“Bringing Your Business to the Table will offer tips on making a business lunch, dinner or breakfast pleasurable as well as helpful in fulfilling your purpose,” she said. “It will also be an opportunity for those who would like to know more about table manners in general to sharpen their etiquette skills.”

Philbrick, whose professional background was in public relations before establishing her manners business of 26 years, has never wavered from her belief that those with good manners have doors opened to them that are otherwise shut tight.

“And polishing those good manners should always be done with an element of fun included,” she added.

The fee is $40 per person, including four course dinner, tip, tax and instruction. Reservations are required, contact Philbrick at 435-3046, or