Cat sanctuary and boarding house to close due to funding cuts

by Megan Schiffres


Brothers Rio and Vista nap after wearing themselves out with play.

It all started with four kittens named Balto, Wolf, Flannel and Nugget. Sharon Booth was taking her own cat to the vet one day in 2014 when a stranger appeared in the office, carrying a cardboard box full of brand new kittens so vulnerable and sick that the vet immediately pronounced them beyond saving.

Where the professionals despaired, Booth looked into that box and imaged possibility. She insisted on taking the kittens home in a long-shot attempt to save their lives. All night she stayed up listening to their soft mewing cries, feeding them with a bottle every hour and keeping them warm and safe on a heating pad. Against all odds, the four survived the night. 

“He swore they weren’t going to make it. He couldn’t believe I saved them,” Booth said.

Those four kittens began Booth’s unexpected journey towards single-handedly running a boarding house for cats in the Northern Neck. The Yellow House, as it’s known in the community, is on Waverly Avenue across the street from the Joe Curry Memorial Park and has served as…[to-view-more]