Chesapeake celebrates 2019-20 legacy students

Students who have a parent or grandparent who attended Chesapeake Academy from left are (front row) Lane Abbott, MacKenzie Ruddock, Quinn Stewart, Lilly Webb, June Nichols, Nora Charlton, Cosmo Duncan, Jamie Lang, Walter Abbott, Sully Cockrell, Isaac Charlton and Alec Sterrett; (next row) Miles Hollingsworth, Quinn Stewart, Jake Hodsden, Izzy Dew, Emory Simmons, Elise Sterrett, Khloe Hohensee and Richard Beane; (next row) Ap Pollard, Leyton Dew, Harrison Hinton, Evan Hinton, Robert Cunningham, Davis Bugg, Jimmy Hodsden, Anna Bugg and Joshua Abbott. 

The growing number of Chesapeake Academy legacy students is a compelling statement on the vitality of the Chesapeake Academy school community, according to head of school Julianne T. Duvall.

Legacy students include Lane and Walter Abbott, the sons of former Osprey Kylie Robbins Abbott; MacKenzie Ruddock, the daughter of former Osprey Stephen Ruddock; Quinn Stewart, the daughter of former Osprey Brooks Vickery Stewart; and Lilly Webb, the daughter of Rebecca Clark Webb ’01.

Also, June Nichols, the daughter of David R. Nichols ’94; Nora and Isaac Charlton, the daughter and the son of Charlotte Cornwell Charlton ’98; Cosmo Duncan, the son of  Theresa (Tess) Duncan ’97; Jamie Lang, the son of Arthur Grandison Lang IV ’99; and Sully Cockrell, the son of Taylor Cockrell ’93.

Also, Elise and Alec Sterrett, the granddaughter and grandson of  Gayle Haynie Sterrett ’71; Miles Hollingsworth, the son of Phoebe Rittenhouse Hollingsworth ’90 and Mark Hollingsworth ’86; Quinn Stewart, the daughter of former Osprey Brooks Vickery Stewart; and Jake and Jimmy Hodsden, the sons of Ashleigh Lewis Hodsden ’97.

Also,  Izzy and Layton Dew, the daughter and the son of former Osprey Katie Horsley Dew; Emory Simmons, the daughter of Susan Faulkner Simmons ’87 and James Rawleigh Simmons ’76; Khloe Hohensee, the niece of former Ospreys Katharine ’02 and John Vail ’16; and Richard Beane, the son of former Osprey Amy Biddlecomb Beane.

Also, Ap Pollard, the son of Albert C. Pollard ’80; Harrison and Evan Hinton, the sons of Robert D. Hinton (Rob) ’92; Robert Cunningham, the son of Robert L. Cunningham ’72; Anna and Davis Bugg, the daughter and the son of Albert D. Bugg III (Tripp) ’92; and Joshua Abbott, the son of former Osprey, Richard C. Abbott.