Chesapeake yearbook is dedicated to Debbie Cook

The 2016-17 Chesapeake Academy yearbook is dedicated to Debbie Cook in honor of her retirement after a decade of serving as head of school.

“Mrs. Cook never skips an opportunity to make someone’s life better,” said Jordan Abbott.

“Mrs. Cook is always looking for ways to improve our school,” said Phillip Haynie. “She never stops caring.”

The dedication page touts the many ways Cook has impressed and guided the eighth grade soon to be graduates: “Mrs. Cook always encourages us to be positive contributors to our community, but each day we notice what she does to make CA a better place. Rain or shine, she starts our day with a smile and a greeting as we arrive. She makes everyone feel like family. She reminds us to be grateful and she does not mind being a little silly. She helps us shine.”

Sadie Hassman said, “One reason I love Mrs. Cook is her effort to help me succeed. She stresses the importance of community service and supports us as we figure out how to change the world.”