Christchurch School confers 59 diplomas

Christchurch School on May 26 celebrated its 97th graduation.

Head of school John E. Byers delivered the commencement address. He closed by addressing each of the 59 graduates personally, remarking on the special gifts and talents that each brought to the school community.

Byers opened by asking the graduates to take a moment to center, to reflect on this moment of weight and gravity … a moment arrived at through days and hours of hard work; in maturity and grace; in patience and striving …  through the hard work of tolerance and love.

He urged the graduates to “take up the dreams of those you care about while you pursue the dreams of your own life.” Doing so, he told them, will make a life that is “not one-dimensional, but rich with meaning and full of purpose.” And, he told them, “find the good in others.”

“We believe that the likes of you will map out a new world and new ways of being. You are the ones who will put down the phones and talk eyeball to eyeball…