Citing complaints, Lancaster board considers revoking permits

Jackie Nunnery

by Jackie Nunnery

LANCASTER—Following numerous complaints over the years and health complaints from residents in recent weeks, the Lancaster board of supervisors on Thursday, May 27, unanimously voted to hold a public hearing to address the revoking of a conditional use permit and special exception.

Supervisors Jack Larson of District 1; Ernest Palin, District 2; Jason Bellows, District 3; Bill Lee, District 4; and Robert Westbrook, District 5, all voted in favor. The hearing will take place during the board’s June 24 meeting.

The property at the center of the dispute is part of a group of five parcels off of Irvington Farm Road and owned by descendants of Theodore Fisher. According to director of planning and land use Brian Barnes, the property owners’ request for a conditional use permit “for the storage of inert materials” was granted in 1991. A special exception was granted in 1993 for the operation of “a stump, brush and scrap chipping facility.”

According to the latest “Notice of Violation” issued by Barnes’ office on May 20, county staff “received a complaint that noxious odor and smoke were….[to-view-more]