Tax rates remain unchanged as Lancaster adopts budget

Jackie Nunnery

by Jackie Nunnery

LANCASTER—The Lancaster board of supervisors on Thursday, May 27, adopted a fiscal year 2021-22 operating budget totaling $39,325,488. No tax increases are involved.

Projected revenues total $33,697,161. General property taxes, which went unchanged, come in at $18,943,974, other local funds are $3,359,356, state funds of $4,799,516, federal funds of $1,099,463, and school revenues of $5,494,852. With a beginning fund balance of $5,628,327, total funds available are $39,325,488.

Estimated expenditures total $33,952,623. General government comes in at $1,670,347; courts, $913,340; public safety, $6,210,804; public works, $1,532,306; health and welfare, $3,547,388; education (non-county schools), $7,535; recreation and cultural activities, $177,395; community development, $958,671; non-departmental, $47,925; school pass-through funds of $17,136,727; and debt service, $1,750,185. The anticipated ending fund balance totals $5,372,865.

In a 5-0 vote, the board adopted a budget….[to-view-more]